Filing a weekly report, SPRING 2019 interns

All interns must file a short, weekly report of their project activities. This report is not meant to be exhaustive, just a brief description of your project's progress. A short paragraph is enough. Further, to encourage you to ask questions about your project, you should also include any one question that you raised during each week.

You must complete this report each Friday you are here except for the final week.

To file the weekly report:

  • Select the WEEKLY REPORTS menu option
  • Log in
  • Select the COMPLETE A REPORT option
  • Complete the form
  • Click on the Submit Weekly Report button

Weekly Safety Tip
Postings and Signs
Postings and signs are a key aspect of communicating important information to personnel. They provide essential information concerning:
  1. Hazards
  2. Work control measures
  3. Resources such as PPE to ensure the safe conduct of work
Postings and signs should never be blocked or covered, because of the potential for undesirable safety, health, and/or regulatory compliance consequences.

Welcome to the BNL OEP Writing Center for all Spring 2019 interns.

This site features information and suggestions to help you with the OEP and DOE obligations that are a part of your BNL internship. This main page will also provide up-to-date information on program notices, the various deadlines, and other responsibilities.

  • Weekly reports
    • Each week you are required to submit a brief report of your week's activities. You should file this report online here at scienceinterns.com prior to picking up your stipend. Mel and Noel will also consult your reports to get a general sense of your research activities as well as how you are doing at BNL.

  • Intern Info, etc.
    • This menu choice also allows you to update information we use to contact you or other information we may require.

  • OEP & DOE Deliverables
    • Detailed information on each program's BNL or DOE requirements is provided here.
  • FAQs
    • Stuff not covered elsewhere, including sample deliverables and logos for posters.
  • Contact
    • Start the process for obtaining a guest pass.
    • Forget an email address for Mel, Noel, or Mike? Use this menu choice.
    • The address for any packages or snail mail being sent to you during your internship.