Submitting your deliverables

When you submit a deliverable to a addresses, be sure to use the document naming convention you've been using for the abstracts.


(e. g., STEGMAN_M_poster)

Here are the addresses you can use to submit your deliverables:

The WORD or POWERPOINT version of each deliverable should be attached to an email and sent to these addresses:

Once you have submitted a final deliverable to any of these above addresses, you are finished with us. There is no need to keep submitting final copy after final copy. Once is enough. Teams can submit as a team.

Additionally, all DOE interns (SULI, CCI, VFP) must upload all deliverables to the DOE site for their program. While you are doing this, be sure to complete the post survey.

oep exit survey

All interns must complete the OEP exit survey prior to departure. The survey can be found here

peer review form directions

Directions for everyone
Link to MS-WORD Peer Review Form
  1. When you arrive to hang your poster, pick up a paper copy of this review form.
  2. During the Wednesday poster session, find your “poster buddy” and using the review’s questions, interview your poster buddy.
  3. Be sure to take down the poster title and complete the presenter (your buddy) and reviewer (you) information too.
  4. Return to your room/office and after you download the MS-Word version of this form from (wait for it!) the HOME page, transfer your handwritten or block-printed or crayon-scrawled notes to the Word doc version of this review form.
  5. You should not feel compelled to enter more text than the space allows for.
  6. Save this Word doc (just in case you want to revise it), but more importantly, convert this Word doc to a PDF type file (Use "Save as," and choose the PDF file format).
  7. Email this PDF as an attachment to
  8. Alternate method: Complete the form in your best handwriting (!), and send a cellphone picture of this form to the 2015reviews@... address.
  9. If you are a SULI  or VFP intern, you’re not done. You need to upload this PDF to the DOE. Read on.
Further directions for SULI  interns ONLY
  • Log in at the DOE SULI or VFP site (For DOE links, see above.)
  • Find the DELIVERABLES tab and click on it.
  • Follow the directions there to upload the Peer Review PDF.
  • Now you’re done.
DEADLINE FOR ALL INTERNS: Prior to your departure from BNL.

Weekly Safety Tip
What you do and what you say

What you do, what you say, and how you say it can change lives and prevent accidents and injuries. If you believe accidents and/or injuries in your lab can be prevented, your attitude and your behavior will reflect that belief. 

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